Individual. Personal. Perfect.

Custom earphones match the unique contours of your ear for perfect comfort and an unbelievably secure fit. Acoustic delivery is also enhanced, giving you the ultimate sound quality.

No Shifting. No Falling Out.
Custom Earphones stay securely in place no matter what your activity, guaranteed. It's hard to realize how snug the fit is until you experience it!

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Laboratory Made Solutions

We have a wide range of options for custom fitted earphones and phone headsets. These products require an ear impression (either from an audiologist or we can send you an impression kit). Your impressions are then sent to the lab for manufacture of your custom earpiece. Turn around time is generally one to three weeks.

Custom Earmolds for Earbuds

Snaps on to your earbuds for a custom fit. Earbuds not included.

Custom Monitors
Starting at $269

Whether you're a recreational music lover or a recording artist, custom monitors bring out the best in your music. We work with a number of manufacturers to meet your needs. From single driver to the latest triple driver technology, we can provide you with monitors to fit both your budget and performance desires.

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